Our Role

IDAXA’s role is to expand the global footprint of Blockchain and Crypto Trade Associations as well as its members by championing and safeguarding the industry’s interests and serving as a vehicle towards convergence with the mainstream and enabling inclusive sustainable growth.

We envision a platform through which industry stakeholders around the world can communicate and collaborate more effectively with each other and with regulators to find long-term solutions to harmonize the fundamentals of decentralization with regulation, compliance and commercial success by:

  • Liaising with government agencies, regulators and other international bodies in respect of the development, amendment and promulgation of standards, regulation, statute and other legislative guidance or requirements in respect of the technology and its use;
  • Promoting and supporting the exchange of information and best practice between industry participants;
  • Developing and promoting policies and procedures to assist industry participants acting together with government agencies to reduce illegitimate or unlawful use of digital commerce platforms and products;
  • Increasing public awareness of the technology and the industry and the potential economic and social opportunities it creates among individuals, business, educational institutions, governments and the broader community;
  • Conducting research to help assist in improving the understanding, use and operation of the technology and realizing economic and social benefits therefrom;
  • Promoting and facilitating compliance of industry participants with global industry standards and legislative and regulatory requirements; in particular in the first instance the Financial Action Task Force Recommendations applicable to virtual asset service providers; and
  • Building and enhancing relationships between industry participants, regulators, government bodies and the wider public.