IDAXA Priority Issues


The Development of Industry Codes and Standards

Liaising with relevant government agencies and international bodies to create consistent (so far as possible) international regulation, policy and national legislation in relation to crypto asset commerce. With this, the orderly growth of industry can be promoted and appropriate commercial competition can be maintained.

Conduct and Disclosure

Working with policy makers and other stakeholders to ensure that industry conduct enhances the accessibility of digital assets, financial products and services, while promoting consumer protection for exchanges customers. Additionally, promoting and supporting the exchange of information and best practices amongst participants in the digital asset industries.


Working cooperatively with governments, law enforcement, the private sector, and digital asset exchanges on ways to prevent fraud and financial crime.
Accessibility Improving the global access to digital asset services and support for emerging economies, to ensure accessibility to the worlds unbanked and allow an increase in financial inclusion.

Financial Literacy

Improving digital asset financial literacy aimed at helping all investors make informed and confident decisions regarding their money.