Eligibility Criteria

Members of IDAXA shall be from any of the below categories, and actively operating in the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and/or digital/virutal asset space. Activities could include:

1. Trade Association: Representing and advising on commercial and policy matters which promote or impact on development and utilisation of DLT.

2. Business or Exchange: Involved in the development and application of DLT and/or operation of a digital currency exchange;

3. Advisory: Undertaking research or promoting DLT-centric business models; and,

Categories 2 & 3 above may be classified as either one of the following:

(a) Corporate < 20 employees

(b) Corporate > 20 employees

4. Individual: An individual who is involved in the development and application of DLT, may in her/his personal capacity join as a Member on the basis that s/he would contribute in a private capacity towards consideration issues relevant to the DLT industry. However, they cannot be an employee of an existing Trade Association or Corporate Member.